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My hope for this foundation is to turn it into a community where all of us can come together to help our fellow brothers and sisters overcome overwhelming odds so that one day they can do the same for others. My dream is for us to build a movement of empathy, empowerment and excellence. My Vision for the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation A Message From Oprah

Oprah’s Charitable Impact


Dollars Donated


People Educated


Meals Served

"Not everybody can be famous, but everybody can be great."
-Martin Luther King Jr.


Oprah has said that education is critical to leveling the economic playing field and opening opportunities to everyone. The Foundation prioritizes making quality education accessible and giving leaders a chance to lift themselves and others.


Community Outreach

In addition to education, the OWCF has always supported grassroots organizations in their efforts to lift the most vulnerable in their communities. In 2020, with millions of people struggling to buy food, pay rent and find health care, the foundation has pivoted during the pandemic to commit more resources to local groups. In particular, we’ve launched initiatives in partnership with local organizations in my “Hometowns” of Chicago, Nashville, Milwaukee and Kosciusko, Mississippi.


Slide Food Insecurity The ongoing hunger crisis in America was made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. The OWCF has worked with organizations around the country to help solve this urgent need. Learn More Care & Recovery Millions are struggling due to inadequate health care and shelter. The OWCF has partnered with groups that are both addressing this emergency and setting people up for long-term success. Learn More


Slide FIND OUT MORE Current environments and leadership methods of a majority of organizations are leading to record levels of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and burnout. In a world with increasing complexity, volatility, uncertainty, things are only getting more difficult. Mindfulness Leaders has partnered with the Chicago Public Schools and are redefining what good leadership is, what a healthy culture looks like, and ultimately making work a place for growth and flourishing. Mindfulness Leaders