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Community Outreach

In addition to education, the OWCF has always supported grassroots organizations in their efforts to lift the most vulnerable in their communities. In 2020, with millions of people struggling to buy food, pay rent and find health care, the foundation has pivoted during the pandemic to commit more resources to local groups. In particular, we’ve launched initiatives in partnership with local organizations in my “Hometowns” of Chicago, Nashville, Milwaukee and Kosciusko, Mississippi. 

Focused On

Slide Food Insecurity With over 12 million adults currently unemployed—and over 20 million having lost their jobs at some point during the pandemic—food banks have played a critical role Learn More Care & Recovery Meanwhile, millions have found themselves without adequate health care and housing. The journey to rebuild people’s lives has only begun. Learn More

Chef Jose Andres and Claire Babineaux-Fontenot have teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah was struck by the work these organizations are doing, and, believing that America's Food Fund will be a powerful way to make a difference, committed $1 million to this fund to support those facing food insecurity. Spotlight on: America's Food Fund